2017 MarXman Outdoors Summer Mayhem Official Rules


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1. Tournament hours are Friday August 18th at 7:00 p.m. to Saturday August 19th and at 7 a.m. Saturday August 19th at 7 p.m. until Sunday August 20th at 7 a.m.
2. Tournament format is a double big 30. Each team can weigh in their largest 30 fish on Friday and their largest 30 fish on Saturday.  You may weigh in a total of 60 fish for the tournament, but only 30 per night. 
3. Side/bonus pots will include biggest fish (weight) both Friday and Saturday night. There will also be a onetime exact weight pot for common carp weighing 15.0 lbs., gar (any species) weighing 3.0 lbs., fresh water drum (sheepshead) weighing 5.0 lbs., and largest difference between a dogfish (bowfin) and shad. First person to weigh a fish for the exact weight wins.  There will not be ties.
4. Registration fee is $100 per person. Registration for all side/bonus pots is by purchase of a tournament t-shirt.
5. Registration packets must be picked up by all teams at Midwestern Shooters 191 Church St, Lomira Wisconsin.   Packets will be available starting Thursday August 17th at 9 a.m.  All team members must be present with I.D. in order to pick up packet.
6. Each team can consist of up to four (4) people maximum. 
7. All teams are required to be back at 7 a.m. each morning. A penalty of one fish or 10 pounds per minute will be assessed to any team returning late. If a team is 15 minutes late or more, they will be disqualified.
8.  No fish may be weighed in more than one time.  Once fish have been weighed in, they become property of the tournament. All fish will be disposed of by the tournament officials.
9. Any fish that has been altered to affect its weight will be eliminated.  If a fish is suspected of being altered, it will be subject to inspection by the tournament officials and/or by Wisconsin DNR wardens or officers.
10. Tournament is open to all Wisconsin waters. It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that all local laws and ordinances are being followed for each body of water fished.
11. All waters will have a strictly enforced no-shooting time for a period of 24 hours before the tournament starts.  Each team may scout during this time, but no bows are allowed on the boat during this time. The no-shooting time begins Thursday August 17th at 5:00 p.m. and ends Friday August 18th at 5:00 p.m. (2 hours prior to tournament start). Any violation of this will result in immediate disqualification from the tournament with no refund of tournament fees.
12. Neither tournament host nor any of the sponsors are responsible for accidents or loss of property. 
13. Each team member must have the proper registration papers and registration numbers. 
14. Each team member must have the proper state fishing license. 
15. Each boat must have the following safety equipment: running lights, fire extinguisher, one throwable life preserver, horn/whistle, life jackets-one per person. 
16. No shooting fish while wading. 
17. Any citation from the hosting states Fish and Game department may disqualify the participants from the tournament. Any citations or violations issued from hosting state waterway law enforcement may result in disqualification. 
18. No transferring of fish from one boat to another, and no teaming up between individual teams.
19. Registered boats are only allowed to have official tournament participants on that boat.  No spectators are allowed. This includes family members.  Teams may have film crews, media, or photographers after approval from tournament directors. 
20. No refunds of entry fees for any reason. No transferring of entry fees for any reason.  No substitution of entry fees for any reason. 
21. There is a ZERO tolerance rule for alcohol and drugs. This includes immediately before, during, or after the tournament. If you are found under the influence of any of the prescribed, you and your entire team will immediately be disqualified. 
22. Fish disposal will be available at weigh in. No dumping of fish back in the water or on shore. 
23. All local, state, and federal fish, game, and boating laws must be obeyed. Any violations will result in disqualification. 
24. All team members must wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket anytime your boat is running faster than “no wake” speeds. 
25. All fan boats and air boats must have a suitable shroud protecting the fan blade. They must also have the proper muffler requirements.  
26. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Any poor sportsmanship, heated arguments, fights, or any behavior deemed inappropriate will have your team warned or disqualified at the discretion of the tournament officials. There will only be one warning issued for any team. 
27. Any team wishing to file a complaint or accusation of another team must also file a $100 protest fee. All evidence including photos, videos, and testimony will be considered with any complaint. If the complaint is found to be valid, the $100 protest few will be refunded. Protest during the tournament may be brought up up to one hour before the awards ceremonies. The team found in violation will immediately be disqualified. 
28. No baiting or chumming of fish will be allowed at any time. 
29. Please have all your personal items labeled including your fish barrels at weigh in. 
30. All decisions by tournament officials are final. 
31. Tournament officials may refuse entry to any individual or team.
32. Failure to comply with these tournament rules will result in disqualification and complete forfeiture of all tournament fees. 
33. The winning team will be decided by the total weight of the largest 60 fish shot by each team. 
34. Only legal/designated bowfishing species will be accepted for the total fish count. 
35. A token with the team number will be given to each team prior to the beginning of the tournament. It will then be the responsibility of the team to return their token to the fish counter prior to weigh in. Teams will assist in the removal of fish from the weigh in area. Tokens may also be taken up during the return to the ramp, depending upon the tournament director. 
36. Fish entries must be taken with bow (compound, recurve, longbow, or crossbow.) and a single point arrow only. 
37. No hollow shaft hunting arrows may be used during the tournament. 
38. No fish points or arrow with explosive or other shocking devices are allowed. 
39. All arrows must have a line attached to it for retrieval, and line must be attached to the bow. 
40. No nets or gigs will be allowed in the boats. Gaff hooks with a single hook and a handle of no more than 6 foot will be allowed for landing big fish. 
41. All boats will be subject to a random inspection by the tournament officials 24 hours prior to and until the end of the tournament. 
42. There is no limit to the number of miles you can travel by boat. 
43. Each team will be allowed the use of only one boat during the tournament. No replacement boats are allowed. 
44. If you have a boat go down during the tournament, you may bring the boat back to the tournament site. All team members must be present at tournament site for repairs. 
45. For safety reasons, a team may drop off equipment (to ensure that boats are not overloaded), if all team members leave the landing and all team members, and their fish, return for their weigh in.  
46. It is the responsibility of each team to know weight limits and capacities for their boat. Anyone found guilty of disobeying these laws by the DNR or other government agencies will be disqualified. 
47. If you break down and cannot get back to the check-in point by your own means, you can get towed back to the launch site by another boat, but your team and your team’s fish must not leave your vessel. Your boat must return to the tournament site. If you are towed back by another boat that is in the tournament, the boat towing will not be penalized, but needs to be back in a fair amount of time, or call one of the officials to help with recovery measures. We ask that if towing time will be more than one hour past time, please call so you do not hold up the weigh in. 
48. All tournament participants are subject to a random lie detector/polygraph examination.  By registering for the tournament, you are agreeing to submit to this test.
49. All tournament payouts are estimated upon number of entrants.  Payouts may be higher or lower depending upon actual number of people participating in the tournament.
50. Tournament will be held regardless of rain or shine.
51. Tournament rules may be changed at the discretion of the tournament officials. 
52. By registering and paying the tournament fees, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions, you are also agreeing that you have read all the rules and fully understand them. By failing to comply with the tournament rules, you may be disqualified.  Entry fees will not be refunded for anyone that is disqualified.
53. By entering and paying registration fees, all participants agree to waive their rights to sue MarXman Outdoors, LLC by participating in the 2017 MarXman Outdoors Summer Mayhem Bowfishing Tournament, for any injuries, death, emotional distress, pain and suffering, and all other forms of economic and non-economic damages. They waive all claims, and they will hold MarXman Outdoors, LLC harmless from any claims brought on their behalf.

When you Purchase a Side Pot / Bonus Pot T-Shirt, you are automatically entered into these Special Events! (A T-Shirt Purchase is the only way to participate).


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