Brett P. - August 5, 2015

I would never be accused of being an avid outdoorsman. But I got a MarXman charter for my son's graduation. It was way better than I expected. We had a blast and stayed out over five hours. I could have gone longer! This is for everyone, not just hunters or fishermen. I can imagine lots of groups of my friends doing this over and over.

Janel B.  - May 31, 2015
[I] Stuck with it through heavy rains, and it was worth it! Do you like hunting? Fishing? Give this a try. It's challenging to hit them, aim lower than you
think. [MarXman can] help you with that! The boat, lights, generators and guides are all top notch. Give them and bowfishing a try. [One] 1 word, "Awesome." Book soon — they're going to fill up fast!

​Joshua B. - May 7, 2015

Being in the outdoors and hunting and fishing is about more than just "how big is your fish or buck" — or what have you. It is about the people that you are with that truly makes that story. Let's face it, the story always makes everything bigger and more impressive, anyway. LOL! You will be completely satisfied letting MarXman outdoors help you make that story, and more importantly, be part of it truly a great bunch of guys.

Tina M. - August 11, 2015

I just want to say that I never understood why my family was addicted to bowfishing. I was always the one to never try it and stay at home while they all went out. Well, they finally talked me into going out and I must say that it was truly amazing! It was so exciting to see the excitement when fish were spotted and the flurry of activity that went along with it. They all knew exactly what to do and if one missed there was always someone right behind them to take the next shot. It was relaxing for me to sit back and watch. I even saw a few shooting stars. I would highly recommend this for a family activity or a great night out with friends! MarXman Outdoors was truly the Ultimate Experience!!!

Scott W. - September 4, 2015

​[I] Had an awesome time last night. Seen tons of fish; thanx to the awesome guide. [I] Couldn't have asked for a better night I definitely got the ultimate bowfishing experience! Thanx MarXman outdoors!

Jennifer K. - August 16, 2015

​Our family of 5 had an amazing time last night. Brad, Jared and Evan were all great guides and their knowledge of this sport is incredible. I would highly recommend this outing to any family, we all had a blast! Thanks again for the memories.

​Logan B. - May 28, 2015

Great day on the lake! Thanks for putting me on the fish!

Broc F. - September 30, 2015

Brad and his first mates lit up the night! He toured my sons ages 10 and 7 and myself around Green Lake. We saw and got to shoot at tons of carp. The boat was unbelievably stable; well lit and safe. The shooting platform was huge and there was a wide rail to keep you inside and safe and to sit in after your arms and legs got tired from standing and shooting at all of the carp. We got to see bass, perch, catfish, shad, bullheads, gar, gills and TONS of walleye and northern. Actually just watching was my favorite part. Great sense of humor, safety first on everything and being able to experience something most people never have and do it in style!
MarXman Outdoors hit the jackpot with us. Can't wait to do it again, this time I think I'll bring my wife for a night out, for once, out of town. Seriously, you have to see this boat and see all these fish at night, it's like Christmas with bows!