Amanda Pazzabon recommends MarXman Outdoors.
August 9, 2018
What a night! For a family of bow hunters this was a first. MarXman Outdoors is an amazing outfit! Brad and Eyan worked very hard to get us fish. The effort they put forth to make sure we all put fish in the boat was second to none. If anyone is looking for a great family adventure we highly recommend them. It was a night we won't soon forget!
Brady Wirag recommends MarXman Outdoors.
August 9, 2018
This guided trip was the best I have ever been on and it was a a lot of fun. He takes you where the fish and you do the rest. Even if you have never done anything like go out and try it’s amazing you won’t regret it.
Evan Fries recommends MarXman Outdoors.
August 5, 2018
Went out with Marxman Outdoors in early August and they put on some good fish even after we got hit some some rain that pushed the shoot back. Very experienced and knowledgeable team. We're planning another trip and highly recommend them!
Joseph Evans recommends MarXman Outdoors.
July 26 at 10:10 AM
5 star Guide service
Jake Caithamer reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
July 4, 2018
Had a great trip out bowfishing with Brad & Evan. Was our first time experiencing this sport and couldn't have had more fun! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a different twist on traditional fishing!
Jude Holland reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
June 15, 2018

The night was great with Jared and Scott piloting into coves even they hadn't been in before! Good coaching and I shot my 1st fish!
Ryan Domino reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
June 2, 2018 
I have been out a couple times with marxman outdoors and we always have a great time and had plenty of oppurtunities at putting fish in the boat.

Warren Reppond recommends MarXman Outdoors.
May 28, 2018 
After running trips for guests in my home state I can definitely say the Marxman crew are absolutely first class! Not only do they do the job of finding fish, but they keep the experience engaging and fun the entire time. Cannot recommend them highly enough!!
Samantha Nummerdor reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
May 13, 2018 
Had such a great time! It definitely clears your mind if needed!
Phil Hrenak reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
June 9, 2018 
We booked with Marxman outdoors a customer appreciation outting on Thursday night and it was an awesome time! Everyone enjoyed themselves and all agreed it was the best guided trip anyone had been on. Brad and Warren explained everything very well and got us on fish right away and kept us fish all night. Everyone shot at least one, and all had dozens of near misses.
I would recommend Marxman Outdoors for your next company outting or if you are looking for a truly unique experience.
Heather Andersen reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
July 3, 2018  
Thanks for the awesome experience. We have done various other great hunting/fishing guided trips, but this was the best experiences we had. We are definitely hooked and we can't wait to go out again with Brad and Eyan.
Adam Ryan reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
May 19, 2018  
We just went out last night and could not have had a better time. It was our first time bowfishing but Brad was a great teacher and had us in fish the while night. Each if us shot multiple fish over 20 lbs and one of us shot a brute that we estimated at 35ish. It's safe to say we are hooked and will definitely be planning another trip with them in the future.
Micah James reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
April 30, 2018 
Had my brothers bachelor party on the boat and the guys taking us out were awesome. Had a ton of fish to shoot at, just took a lot of practice to hit one. They had us out there til everyone had at least one in the boat.
Stephanie Baker reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
June 18, 2018 
Had an awesome time with Brad and Evan!!! This was my first time bowfishing and would absolutely do it again with Marxman Outdoors! Thanks again guys! It was a blast!
Shannon Leigh Yunto reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
May 13, 2018  
Great birthday present. Had so much fun and group had 13 fish tonight.
Casey Dickmann reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
June 30, 2018 
Girls can bowfish too! You will not leave disappointed!! This experience blew my expectations out of the water, coming from someone who has never even shot a bow before... thank you Brad, Evan, and MarXman Outdoors for the great trip!
Trent Schelvan reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
August 14, 2017 
My 3 boys and I went out with Kim Sunday night. Kim is a great guide! We had a blast. The boys and I took over 170 shots. Great boat and top of the line equipment. We can't wait to get out again!
Raymond Banaszak reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
July 1, 2017 
Last night I had the opportunity to get out on the water with the MarXman crew. My experience was simply amazing. We were assured that we would see a lot of fish & this held true through out the whole night. We took many shots and brought a bunch of fish in the boat. These guys know how to get it done and have fun!! Thanks again Brad, Kim & Eyan! I can't wait till we get to go again!
Bryan Ratz reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
June 23, 2017 
Had a great time while fishing with the Marxman crew. Saw a lot if fish, got plenty of shooting, and got a nice pile in the bin. Great experience with awesome people!
Garrett Olson reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
June 3, 2017 
I have been out with Brad, Evan, and Eyan several times. Every time, it was absolutely amazing! You have to go out with these guys, they are incredible!!!!
Brett Palmer reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
August 5, 2015 
I would never be accused of being an avid outdoorsman. But I got a MarXman charter for my son's graduation. It was way better than I expected. We had a blast and stayed out over five hours. I could have gone longer. This is for everyone not just hunters or fishermen. I can imagine lots of groups of my friends doing this over and over.
Joseph Evans reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
July 31, 2017 
Been following Marxman outdoors for a couple years now. Here on FB and spoke with Brad several time about his boat. My family decided to go to Wisconsin Dells on Vacation and I thought it would be an awesome chance to meet Brad and fish another state with my family. Myself and family are avid bowfishmen an to be honest hard to empress when it comes to bowfishing. Fishing was not to hot but being a guide myself a few years ago I understand how it is. Brad amd his son Evan made the trip fun and a great memory that me and my family will never forget. We done alot during the vacation from zip lines go carts to bowfishing. I asked everyone on the way home what their favorite thing we done was and 5 out of 6 said bowfishing with MarXman outdoors.
Thank you Brad and Evan for a great time and a night full of members. If I ever get a chance to come back to Wisconsin I will be booking another trip.
P.s. Everyone was able to shoot a fish !!! We had almost 100 shots.
Steve Olson reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
April 23, 2017 
What a great time with this group! We saw a lot of huge carp, took a ton of shots and it was non stop action from start to finish! We also saw a ton of other fish, big walleyes, northerns, bass, muskies, pan fish and you pretty much name it we saw it!
Joshua Michael Butler reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
May 7, 2015 
Being in the outdoors and hunting and fishing is about more than just how big is your fish or buck or what have you. It is about the people that you are with that truly makes that story. Lets face it the story always makes everything bigger and more impressive anyway. LOL! You will be completely satisfied letting MarXman outdoors help you make that story and more importantly be part of it truly a great bunch of guys.
Jennifer Kehrmeyer reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
August 16, 2015 
Our family of 5 had an amazing time last night. Brad, Jared and Evan were all great guides and their knowledge of this sport is incredible. I would highly recommend this outing to any family, we all had a blast! Thanks again for the memories.
Broc Fleischer reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
September 30, 2015 
What a great ride!
Brad and his first mates lit up the night! He toured my sons ages 10 and 7 and myself around Green Lake, we saw and got to shoot at tons of carp. The boat was unbelievably stable, well lit and safe. The shooting platform was huge and there was a wide rail to keep you inside and safe and to sit in after your arms and legs got tired from standing and shooting at all of the carp. We got to see bass, perch, catfish, shad, bullheads, gar, gills and TONS of walleye and northern. Actually just watching was my favorite part. Great sense of humor, safety first on everything and being able to experience something most people never have and do it in style! Marksman Outdoors hit the jackpot with us. Can't wait to do it again, this time I think I'll bring my wife for a night out, for once, out of town. Seriously, you have to see this boat and see all these fish at night, it's like Christmas with bows!
Tina Monninger Marx reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
August 11, 2015 
I just want to say that I never understood why my family was addicted to bow fishing. I was always one to never try it and stay at home while they all went out. Well, they finally talked me into going out and I must say that it was truly amazing. It was so exciting to see the excitement when fish were spotted and the flurry of activity that went along with it. They all knew exactly what to do and if one missed there was always someone right behind them to take the next shot. It was relaxing for me to sit back and watch. I even saw a few shooting stars. I would highly recommend this for a family activity or a great night out with friends! MarXman Outdoors was truly the Ultimate Experience !!!
Jesse Wasmund reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
May 15, 2017 
What an awesome experience! We had 3 people that have never been bow fishing before. Kim put us on the fish 5 minutes into our trip and we ended our night with 24 total fish. I will most definitely be booking a trip again with them!!!
Matt Pieper reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
May 15, 2016 
Phenomenal gear, professional guides and an awesome experience! The weather did not really cooperate but we still had a great time. These guys are the real deal and very professional! We will be planning many more hunts in the future. We were in windy 38° weather with some light snow and Kim still put us on fish!
Jenny Johnson Schlender reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
June 15, 2016 
Posting for Javen (age 11) and Joren Schlender (age 9).....Everyone should try bowfishing but if you go with Marxman Outdoors, you will have a really great time. Plus they make it easy to spot and shoot fish even for our dad. Just do it!
Heather Christensen Hendren reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
July 24, 2016 
A big THANK YOU to Brad and his boys for a great bow fishing and day fishing trip this past week. I know very little about fishing and Brad made it easy to learn and enjoy. My son and I had a wonderful time. So much so we've decided to make this an annual event! I highly recommend MarXman Outdoors!
Scott Westphal reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
September 4, 2015 
Had a awesome time last night seen tons of fish thanx to the awsome guide couldn't have asked for a better night I definitely got the ultimate bow fishing experience thanx MarXman outdoors
Jackson Schlender reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
June 13, 2016 
Brad and Eyan put us on plenty of fish and we were able to take a lot of shots, the weather almost didn't cooperate but it did and it was an amazing trip. I definitely would recommend booking a trip with MarXman outdoors for an adrenaline filled, action packed night of bowfishing with amazing guides.
Bret Kuehl reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
May 7, 2016 
Amazing people Kim knows what he is doing and will definitely be making another couple trips.
Jordan Newmier reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
September 18, 2016 
What a fantastic experience! It was our 1st time bowfishing and our guide (Kim) was awesome. He was very knowledgeable and put us on a bunch of fish. Lots of shooting and action. We will be going out with MarXman Outdoors every year. Very reasonably priced. A real bargain considering the equipment, guides, and overall experience. Thank you MarXman Outdoors!
Nathaniel Hartwig reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
July 27, 2016 
So I am just getting back from a trip with Marxman Outdoors. We left at 8 for the Lake, and it is currently 2:54. We shot 13, and I shot my first carp. It was extremely fun and we all had a lot of fun. Brad was an awesome guide! He was extremely helpful when I had Bow problems. 5 stars!!
Jon Borst reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
June 18, 2016 
They had great equipment, friendly and helpful staff. Bow fishing done right. We had a great time. We had non stop action during our outing. Can't wait till I book another trip.
Tommy Kuehn reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
June 18, 2016 
It's been about 20 years since I last went bowfishing, that was until last night I boarded an awesome boat, on a great night, with awesome company. I couldn't be happier with the professionalism and service that Marxman Outdoors provided last night and into this morning. We were put on some very large fish and had a lot of shooting. I highly recommend others to get onboard with Marxman Outdoors. Thanks for getting me hooked again. I'm sure I'll be back.
Garret Lyberg reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
May 13, 2016

Had an awesome night out! Kim put us on a bunch of carp. I've never seen the amount of fish like that before. It was one awesome experience! We will be back for sure!

Ryan Kettner reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
May 6, 2017 
The best bowfishing experience I have ever done. Brad is a very nice guy. From getting you ready for your trip to giving you advice on where to aim. Very awesome experience.
Kaeden Kehrmeyer reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
July 27, 2016 
I had such a great time Bowfishing with MarXman Outdoors last night! Brad Marx was a great guide and put us on lots of fish, and we had plenty of opportunities to shoot fish! It was cool to see the other outstanding amount of other species, everything from turtles to Muskies! It was definitely "THE ULTIMATE BOWFISHING EXPERIENCE!"
Kevin Wegner reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
June 25, 2017 
Kim was awesome!!!! Would do it again without a doubt. !!! Marxman outdoors rules!!!
Ashton Domino reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
June 4, 2017 
Myself, husband and a friend went out on Friday night. With Kim as our guide, we had a blast! Kim was super nice and helpful. We had never done this type of fishing so he walked us through everything.
Bow fishing was much more difficult then any of us thought but Kims tips we got the hang of it and we had a lot of fun!
I highly recommend going out with MarXmen and trying your luck at this sport!
Janel Loest Backhaus reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
May 31, 2015 
Stuck with it through heavy rains, and it was worth it. Do you like hunting? Fishing? Give this a try. It's challenging to hit them, aim lower than you think. They help you with that. The boat, lights, generators and guides are all top notch. Give them and bow fishing a try. 1 word, awesome. Book soon there going to fill up fast.
Cory Klunk reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
March 10, 2017 
John Newmier reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
September 20, 2016 
Had a great time 1st time bow fishing and our guide was great lots of great information on the sport if you have never tried this sport and thinking about it give these guys a call well worth it
Dennis Waranka reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
August 11, 2016 
Had an amazing time!! I highly recommend trying this out! Our guide Jared was absolutely fantastic! He was professional, and was also very patient and informative with us novices!! He found us plenty of fish to shoot at, and we even hit a few. Will be going again in the very near future!!
Sara Virginia Skinkis reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
July 24, 2016 
We had an amazing time bow fishing with Kim and the MarXman boat. I was able to shoot my first carp and he was more then willing to help me along the way. This was a gift for my boyfriend and boy did he have a great time! We got tons of shots in and were able to hit 11 carp! We will for sure be doing this again in the future!!
Miranda Pittler reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
April 24, 2016 
Unbelievable experience that checks off a box on my bucket list! Nothing but fun, exillerating action with Kim to guide the challenge. What a fun experience to share with my sister and dad! I can't wait to go again!
Danae Norton reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
June 11, 2016 
Truly exceptional customer service from the moment I contacted Marxman. Kim went above and beyond to ensure we had a great time and stayed on the fish. Can't say enough about this business and the fun we had! Thank you!
Dina Tooley reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
July 21, 2016 
We had such a great time Bowfishing with Brad and Eyan Monday night!! Myself and my husband didn't shoot anything but not from a lack of trying ( it was our first time ever)! My son and his friend who have been doing this for a few years were able to bring 5 carp and 1 shad into the boat! What an impressive boat and the guides were so fun and definitely knew what they were talking about!! Thanks so much MarXman Outdoors for the trip!!
Michelle Will reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
May 31, 2016 
Amazing experience these guys went the extra mile to make this an awesome experience!
Shane Westphal reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
May 7, 2016 
Great guide, great boat, great fishing spots. Will be back for round two in the near future. Thank you again. Had a blast
Garret Yohnk reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
May 13, 2016 
I have been bow fishing for 4 years now and have yet to have the experience we had last night thanks to MarXman Outdoors. Kim our guide had us on so many fish it was hard to pick which one to shoot at. It was an absolute blast to get the chance to go out in their boat and shoot like we did. There was not a single dull moment the second we stepped on the boat. If you want an adrenaline pumping, heart throbbing, most exciting night of your life, contact the guys of MarXman Outdoors to have the Ultimate Bow Fishing experience! You guys will be seeing us again! Thanks for the amazing night!
Brandon Schindler reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
May 13, 2016 
Our trip was amazing! Kim our guide had us on fish the entire night. We had 6 people shooting and everyone of was shooting all night long! It was a trip of a life time!! Cannot wait to come back and shoot some more fish!!!
Logan Breselow reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
May 28, 2015 
Great day on the lake thanks for putting me on the fish
Cory Toth reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
June 26, 2016 
First of all I would love to say Thank You to Kim Mittelstadt our Captain/Guide from MarxMan Outdoors for making this Experience a reality! He nailed it and then some! This has to be one the best times I have had in a long time! I strongly recommend and encourage anyone that has never tried this sport to give it a try as it is definitely something to cross off the Bucket List! I will be booking another trip in the near future for sure. A++++++ !!!!! all the way across the board. Thanks again for an awesome night!!!!!!
Adam Deetz reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
May 13, 2016 
I have been bowfishing before with many of my friends but I have never had a night of shooting like I did last night. I can't express enough how amazing and adrenaline pumping the night was. I couldn't believe the sheer amount of fish that we saw. It was trip I would take again and again.
Cole Yohnk reviewed MarXman Outdoors — 5 star
May 13, 2016 
What an amazing trip out last night! Solid shooting all night long! Over 400 shots in one night! Never had a bowfishing experience like this! Cannot wait to come back for another trip! Thank you guys very much!!