Why Bowfishing?

First and foremost, bowfishing is an absolutely adrenaline packed sport. Instead of waiting for a fish to come and bite the lure or bait on the line, you are actively engaged in  pursuing the fish. While bowfishing, you will be targeting the rough fish. These include carp, suckers, shad, gar, freshwater drum, and dogfish. Carp is the most sought after fish.  The common carp is an invasive species that is very destructive to our local ecosystems. These animals are listed on the world's 100 most invasive species list. By shooting these fish, we are actually helping the environment.


The bows we use are the most modern bows available and very simple to use. They do not have sights. You aim by looking down the arrow using line-of-sight judgment. All of our bows are compound  bows with very little let-off. Draw weights vary from 15 to 40 pounds. Therefore, we have been able to accommodate children as young as 6. All of the bows have reels on them which allow for retrieval of your arrow after it has been shot.

The arrows used for bowfishing are considerably stronger than a regular arrow. They are constructed of 5/16 inch fiberglass, they have no fletching's, and the tips are metal with barbs that snag the fish. All of our arrows have a safety slide attached to them. A nylon braided 200 pound test line is attached from the safety slide to the bow. 


This is perhaps the most difficult part of bowfishing. This is due to the refraction of the water. This refraction actually distorts the location of the fish in the water.  It appears that the fish may only be 2 feet under the water, but it actually is deeper than that. If you were to aim  directly at the fish, you will most likely miss it. To compensate for the refraction, you will need to aim well below the fish. Depending upon how deep the fish are and how far of a shot you are taking, this also affects how far below the fish you need to aim. As a guide, we recommend  that you aim three to four inches low for every foot of water depth. Also aim four inches low for a shot of ten feet in distance. Sounds difficult, but everyone quickly gets the hang of it.

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